Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important. Here’s Why.

People living in Louisiana know that their air conditioners work hard to keep them cool for much of the year. Because of this, it’s important that they treat their AC systems as an integral part of their home comfort system. One of the best ways you as a homeowner can ensure that your air conditioning…

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Why Is Ductless Cooling a Good Choice for My Home?

A happy couple laughing and drinking coffee on a bright yellow couch in a white room with a ductless AC unit on the wall.

Why Is Ductless Cooling a Good Choice for My Home? In today’s world, people have more and more choices when it comes to how they can cool or heat their home. From traditional equipment, like central air conditioning and furnaces, to newer innovations like heat pump systems, today’s homeowners have more options than ever when…

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Heating Maintenance: Why Do I Need It for My Home?

HVAC technician calibrating a furnace.

While we enjoy warm weather for much of the year in Louisiana, there are times during the winter months when we rely on our home heating to keep us comfortable. Effective, efficient home heating is important, but keeping your system in good shape can sometimes be easily forgotten. However, there are many reasons why you…

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Energy-Efficient Resolutions the New Orleans and Surrounding Areas

For more information, call or click here: 985.626.7741 Contact Us New Orleans, 2013 IS HERE! The turn of the New Year is time to think about changes you’d like to make in the following 365 days. Beyond losing weight, loving the Saints and experiencing the Superbowl in NOLA, we have a few energy-efficient New Year’s resolutions to…

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Reasons to Have a Whole-House Backup Generator Installed

Genarac generator installed outside of a home

Residents of the Northshore and Southshore know better than anyone else how vital it is to have a backup power source during power outages. Living in our region means that we must prepare for the weather to change at a moment’s notice, especially during hurricane season. A standby generator from Burkhardt Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration…

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New Orleans, LA: Protect Your Home from Carbon Monoxide

New Orleans, here are some causes of carbon monoxide leaks and tips on how to protect your home: For more information, call or click here: 985.626.7741 Contact Us First, make sure that you have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home and that it is working properly. In gas furnaces, the heat exchanger transfers…

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HVAC Home Inspections

Buying or selling a home? Congratulations—this is an exciting time in your life! To schedule an inspection, call or click here: 985.626.7741 Contact Us That said, there are matters to attend to before signing on the dotted line. As with any major purchase, an inspection is essential to avoid any surprises or potential issues that…

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Why Are Whole House Generators a Good Idea?

Many of you remember the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Nearly a decade later, we’re still feeling the tragic effects that it brought to us here in the New Orleans, LA area. Nobody wants to relive a massively destructive storm like that ever again, but the truth is, we live in an area where the weather…

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