Timberland, Louisiana Air Conditioning & Heating Services

Within easy driving distance of New Orleans, Timberland is a quiet community with easy access to the big city. Winters tend to be moderate with only a few days of extremely cold weather each year. Summers stretch from early spring into well into the fall months. In the summer months, the weather is sweltering with high humidity that makes it feel hotter. You and your family spend a lot of time indoors by the air conditioning vent during the summer. With such weather extremes, your sure to need air conditioning and heating services in Timberland, Louisiana.

Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance and Tune-ups

At Burkhardt, we advise our clients to have maintenance done on their air conditioner each spring and maintenance on their heating system each fall to ensure the system is in tip-top shape when you need it most. Our technician will clean the system, inspect the parts, and recommend any need repairs or part replacements. This maintenance helps your heating and air conditioning system run more efficiently.

Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs and Emergency Repairs

An aging air conditioner or heater is going to have parts that wear out and need replacing. Some systems might begin to fail and need repairs. Our technicians are ready to diagnose the problem and have all the necessary experience to repair it. We’re ready to come when you call any time of day or night.

Air Conditioning and Heating Replacement and Installation

While it doesn’t often happen, but there will come a time when you need to replace your air conditioning unit or heating system. Our technicians provide you all the necessary information to make the decision. We can also help you choose a new unit that fits your price point.

At Burkhardt, we want to build a long-term relationship and provide all your air conditioning and heating services in Timberland, Louisiana. Contact us to learn more about our services.