A/C Systems Need Routine Checkups

Many people do not realize that like cars, air conditioning systems need to be tuned up and checked annually. Why do you get your tires rotated and your oil changed in your car? By doing this you extend the life of the car and help maintain your miles per gallon. This is the exact same reason you should maintain your air conditioning equipment properly. Burkhardt Air Conditioning can tune up and clean your units twice a year which will extend the life of your system and also help maintain the energy efficiency of the system. The energy savings from cleaning your system almost covers the cost of the service. Nobody likes high gas prices nor do they like high electricity bills!!!

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Other reasons you should have a Comfort Agreement with Burkhardt Air Conditioning is should you have a mechanical failure during the year, a 10% discount will be applied to the part that is needed to fix the problem. Also for having a Comfort Agreement you will be put as a priority customer if you need a service call.

Do not let a dirty system drain your energy efficiency! Let Burkhardt Air Conditioning provide you comfort for life!!!

The Attic Tent

The Attic Tent is a simple product that solves some big problems. It’s common knowledge to make sure that all windows and doors are tightly sealed to keep the cool air or heat in your home instead of slipping out of the cracks and wasting money. What about your attic stairs? You have air leaking from your attic through the attic stairs down into your home. Also think about the dirt that falls down into your home every time you open the attic stairs.

The Attic Tent is a simple product that is installed in the attic around the attic stairs door. This product prevents air leakage into your home from your attic and also keeps the dirt from falling from your attic into your home. Is the wood in your attic stairs door starting to warp from the moisture? The Attic Tent also helps extend the life of your attic stairs.

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