Is Your Air Filter Effective Against Particles & Biologicals?

Air filters catch particles

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Most people are aware that their filters need to be changed on a regular basis. Filters are designed to catch particles in the air before they pass through the air conditioning system. Keeping a clean filter ensures proper airflow across the coil which in turn maximizes the unit’s energy efficiency and keeps your home more comfortable. Particles include: dust, pollen, hair, pet dander, etc.

Biologicals can pass through air filters

Blocking particles keeps your system and home clean, but what about the other things in the air that are so small the filter cannot catch them? We call these things biologicals.

Biologicals exist in all of our homes whether we like it or not. Biologicals can be viruses, bacteria, dust mite fecal matter, odors, allergens, and other things we cannot see. These biologicals continuously are recycled through the air stream because there is nothing in our homes to kill them.

Sanuvox R+ Purification System

The Sanuvox R+ Air Purification System is designed to kill biologicals and their DNA in the air stream by using UVC and UVV rays distributed by the UV lamp. Mounted in the return or supply air plenum, the aluminum reflector helps amplify the rays in the chamber as the air passes through it.

This product has been studied and given rave reviews by various 3rd parties including Penn State University, McGill University, and the EPA. Want to keep your home it’s healthiest? Call us today and let us install a Sanuvox R+ Air Purification System in your home.