Air Filter Schedule for Pet Owners in the New Orleans Area

Air Filter Schedule for Pet Owners in the New Orleans Area:

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We all love our pets.  Even us with seasonal allergies will often put up with the symptoms in order to have a pet in the house.  The best way to deal with this is through use of a proper air filtering system and regular cleaning of carpets, furniture, bedding and rugs on which pet dander will gather.  At Burkhardt’s A/C and Heating, we understand how important pets are and can help you in identifying a good air filter replacement or cleaning schedule to reduce the allergens associated with pets in the New Orleans area.

Air filters can be part of a whole-home air filtration system used in the air conditioning and heating system, or as standalone air filters which focus specifically on one room or area.  Each air filter manufacturer will have its own recommendations for an appropriate length of time between air-filter replacements or cleanings.  It is always important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.  That way, the air is able to move thorough the filter easily without being stuck up on dirt and debris which has remained too long in the air filter.  During times of peak usage air filter changing might need to occur as often as once every month, and during slower usage times it can be once every three months.

Another thing to consider is what type of air filter you are using: paper and fiberglass filters.  These two will typically last no longer than three months, and HEPA filters must be changed or cleaned every three months.

Burkhardt’s A/C and Heating is a company that can help you determine when the air filtration system in your air conditioning and heating system or your room air filter should be changed out or cleaned. Call us today 985-626-7741 if you have any questions!