Why Maintaining Your Tankless Water Heater Is Essential

How Often Should I Flush My Tankless Water Heater?

Depending on your water usage and the mineral content in the water running through your unit, your tankless heater should be flushed every six months to two years. Water with a medium to high mineral content is known as hard water. Hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals, most commonly calcium and magnesium. Running hard water through your tankless heater will require that you regularly flush the system. Soft water on the other hand contains fewer dissolved minerals, leaves smaller deposits of lime and scale, and subsequently requires that you flush the heater less often than if you were running hard water through it.

What is Lime and Scale Flushing?

Your tankless water heater must be properly maintained to sustain maximum water flow and performance. The most common maintenance required by tankless heaters is known as flushing. Flushing is a process that uses virgin food grade white vinegar to break down mineral deposits of lime and scale that build up inside the heater over time.

What Supplies Do I Need for The Flushing Procedure?

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For this flushing procedure, you will need a small garden hose, a small circulation pump or pond pump, a five-gallon pail or bucket, five gallons of virgin food grade white vinegar, and about one hour of time. NOTE: This procedure and supply list is recommended for tankless water heaters installed with isolation valves only! If your heater is not installed with isolation valves, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional.

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