New Orleans, LA: Protect Your Home from Carbon Monoxide

New Orleans, here are some causes of carbon monoxide leaks and tips on how to protect your home:

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First, make sure that you have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home and that it is working properly. In gas furnaces, the heat exchanger transfers the heat to be distributed to your home through the air handler. If it is damaged or cracked, this can cause a carbon monoxide intrusion. If your heating system hasn’t been checked in a while, call for a routine service so that the technician can inspect the heat exchanger and check for leaks.

There could be issues with the pilot light or thermocouple if the pilot light has gone out. If you light it again and it won’t stay lit, it could be a draft or another problem with the igniter. The thermocouple is a safety feature that turns off the flow of gas to your heater when there’s a problem. If it is not working properly, it could keep the pilot light from coming on.

If you need any kind of heating repairs in the New Orleans and surrounding areas, give the experts at Burkhardt’s A/C and Heating a call any time. We have lots of experience working with all different types of gas heating systems. Also, give us a call today to learn more about how to protect your home from carbon monoxide intrusion.

And always remember, if you are looking for heating tips for your home in the New Orleans and surrounding areas, contact Burkhardt’s A/C and Heating any time. We also provide routine maintenance to make sure that your heating system is in good working order, and that it is heating your home as safely as possible. This is especially important for gas heating systems to prevent carbon monoxide leaks and other safety hazards.