Playing a Game of Hot-Cold-Hot in Your Home? Here’s How to Fix It

We’ve all been there — you can’t get the temperature right in your home. It’s too warm for a sweater in one room, but then you need your fuzzy socks in another.

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Unless you’re enjoying the comforts of a brand new home, chances are you know exactly what we’re talking about. Aside from the expected results of an aging home, there are a lot of other factors that go into the game of temperature swings — and some of them could even be costing you money each month.

Common Causes of Temperature Imbalances Throughout a Home:

Poorly Installed Ductwork
Ductwork plays a major role in the successful flow of hot or cold air throughout your home. Three main ways ductwork can make an impact are:

  1. If your ductwork (or connected HVAC) is the wrong size then you won’t get the airflow you need on a consistent basis.
  2. Small holes or gaps in your ductwork can result in a loss of proper airflow, as well—to the tune of roughly 25-30%.
  3. Finally, though not always possible due to structural design, the track of your ductwork should impede airflow as little as possible; as an example, sharp turns at a 90 degree angle in the ductwork typically increase turbulence within which reduces the level of pressure flowing through.

It’s a Fact: Heat Rises
We’ve had enough science lessons at this point to know this but it doesn’t help make us any warmer downstairs on a cold morning, does it? Unfortunately, many two-story homes are subject to temperature changes just because of the fact that heat always moves from low to high. On average this can make up to a 10 degree difference in temperature from the bottom of the stairs to the top.

Room-Related Factors
Believe it or not, the room itself actually plays a part in the delivery and distribution of hot/ cold airflow, too. Everything from how far the room is from the HVAC system to the size of the room makes a difference. Other factors include: number and size of windows in the room, access to natural sunlight, and proximity to open windows or doors throughout the day.

All of these factors contribute to how the rooms in your house maintain the set temperature of your thermostat. If you feel that your home isn’t maintaining the quality standard your family deserves, that’s where we at Burkhardt come in.

The Solution?

While it will take a visit from one of our trained technicians to nail down the exact cause, there could be a number of solutions available:

Getting a balanced and consistent temperature throughout your house is possible. Unless you enjoy the collection of sweatshirts, blankets and socks throughout the house, contact us today at 985-626-7741 to schedule your consult. We’ll get to the root of the problem so you can get back to enjoying your home—no matter which room you’re enjoying it in.