Why Is Ductless Cooling a Good Choice for My Home?

Why Is Ductless Cooling a Good Choice for My Home?

In today’s world, people have more and more choices when it comes to how they can cool or heat their home. From traditional equipment, like central air conditioning and furnaces, to newer innovations like heat pump systems, today’s homeowners have more options than ever when it comes to their home comfort.

One way people are staying more comfortable is by installing ductless cooling. While ductless is not new, it’s been steadily growing in popularity over the years, and with good reason. People who install ductless are surprised at the benefits a system like this can provide, especially when it comes to key factors like home comfort and energy efficiency.

What is ductless cooling?

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Of course, you might be wondering what ductless cooling is in the first place. The simple answer is that it is exactly what the name implies – cooling equipment that operates without using your home’s ductwork. Most ductless systems operate using heat pump technology, and are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit. These two units are then connected via a small-diameter tube. Unlike central air, a ductless unit operates without relying on the duct system of your home, and each room or zone in your home generally has its own unit.

Why is it a good choice for my home?

Ductless cooling offers many benefits. Obviously, the number one benefit is improved comfort. You and your family can enjoy air conditioning in any room with ductless. Not to mention, it offers targeted comfort. You’ll be able to get precise temperature control via remote control, so everyone in your home will be able to enjoy their own, personalized level of comfort. And, ductless cooling is extremely energy-efficient. Many people who choose ductless over window air conditioners, or update their old cooling system with ductless, notice a change in their energy usage right away.

What are some applications where ductless is beneficial?

Even in homes with central air already installed, ductless cooling can be beneficial. Perhaps you have an addition or a converted space that doesn’t have access to your home’s ductwork. If that’s the case, you can get a single ductless unit installed in that space, making it more comfortable and usable.

If you don’t have central air and rely on window air conditioning units in your home, ductless is a great alternative. It not only will provide you with more efficient cooling, but will let you enjoy the view and not compete with a loud, noisy window unit.

And, if adding ductwork to your home is impossible or impractical, it goes without saying that a ductless system can be the perfect choice. What’s more, there are units available that also offer heating, so you can replace an outdated heating system – and get the AC you need – in one.

And, getting the ductless cooling you need is as easy as calling Burkhardt.

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