High Energy Bills? It Could Be Your Air Conditioning System.

couple looks at high energy bills

Once the hot weather returns to Louisiana, we can expect that our air conditioning systems will be working overtime. It stands to reason that your utility bills may increase somewhat during the hottest time of the year, but if you’re noticing that you’re using much more energy than you should, your air conditioning system might…

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Do I Need to Maintain My Home Generator?

home in lightning storm

Life in Louisiana means warm, sunny days for a good part of the year. Unfortunately, it also means that we also experience some severe storms. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and high winds can lead to power outages that sometimes last for days. Many homeowners in our region opt for a home generator, to help keep their homes…

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Get Ahead of Summer Heat with Updated Air Conditioning

woman feeling hot in home looking at laptop

Now that spring has arrived, we’re moving into the cooling season here in Louisiana. That means reliable air conditioning is a must. Before you know it, we at Burkhardt will be gearing up for the hot weather, and we’ll be busy helping our customers with their air conditioning needs, including maintenance, repair, and installation. If…

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Get Ahead of Seasonal Allergies with Better Indoor Air Quality

girl uses tissue on couch

Once the spring season rolls around, people start to look forward to better weather. Along with warmer temperatures and longer days, spring weather also brings with it budding trees and blooming flowers. And while this makes for a beautiful outdoor landscape, it can also mean a time of sniffling and sneezing for seasonal allergy sufferers.…

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How to Tell if You Need Heating Repairs

technician works on furnace

In Louisiana, we don’t often need to run our heating systems, but when we do, we want them to be reliable and effective. Unfortunately, there are times when our heating systems may not be operating as they should, and we need to consider getting heating repairs. This article will discuss gas heat and heat pumps,…

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Deck the Halls with Ductless Cooling & Heating

family enjoys holiday season in a cozy home

In Louisiana, most homeowners rely on their air conditioning to keep them cool and comfortable for a good portion of the year. However, during the winter months, temperatures can dip down, especially in the evenings. Fortunately, ductless systems can bridge the gap between warmer and cooler temperatures because many ductless systems can cool the home…

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Keeping Your Home Comfortable During the Holidays

gift exchanged over thanksgiving table

Once the holiday season arrives, we often start to think about spending time with family and friends. For many of us, loved ones travel to our homes during this time of year. You might be thinking about how you can make your home a haven of comfort for those staying with you over the holidays…

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Keeping Energy “Vampires” Out of Your Home This October

woman changing old incandescent light bulb to led energy saving lamp

The fall season has arrived, which means the spooky season is here, too! Before you know it, witches, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns will decorate neighborhoods, and little goblins will appear looking for candy. While this is all Halloween fun, inviting energy “vampires” into your home is a different situation altogether. These ghouls can use up energy…

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Staying Safe During a Hurricane

street and truck during hurricane

In August of this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) projected an above-normal level of Atlantic hurricane activity during this hurricane season. We have already seen some stormy weather, with four named storms so far this year. At Burkhardt, we care about our customers’ comfort, and we also care about your safety. This…

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