Do I Need to Maintain My Home Generator?

home in lightning stormLife in Louisiana means warm, sunny days for a good part of the year. Unfortunately, it also means that we also experience some severe storms. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and high winds can lead to power outages that sometimes last for days. Many homeowners in our region opt for a home generator, to help keep their homes and families safe during prolonged outages.

Having a home generator is a good idea, especially in our area. Home generators help keep appliances and electronics free from damage and help prevent food spoilage. The generators in our homes work hard to keep us protected, which is why it’s vital that we take care of them, too. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of generator maintenance, and tell you how Burkhardt can help. Keep reading to learn more!

Why do I need generator maintenance?

Your home generator is like any other type of complex machine, such as your vehicle or your home comfort system. And, as a result, it requires maintenance in order to keep working its best. Here are five of the main reasons you should get generator maintenance on a regular basis:

  1. Proper Generator Functionality: When you have a qualified technician inspect your generator, they will check many different areas to make sure your generator is functioning properly. They’ll check the engine, fluid and oil levels, filters, components, exhaust, and more. This way, they’ll find any small problems that need to be addressed so that your generator is ready to work when you need it.
  2. Safety Concerns: Because generators burn fuel to supply electricity to your home, a malfunctioning generator can emit carbon monoxide. While most generators are installed outdoors and away from the home, emitting CO can still be dangerous, as it can quickly poison people and pets.
  3. Generator Efficiency: A well-maintained generator is a more efficient one. Because the generator is installed outside, pests can take up residence in it. Generators are especially prone to rodent infestations, and they often chew on wiring within the system. And, because it’s outdoors, it can gather dirt, vegetation, and debris. Generator maintenance helps keep your system clean and pest-free – allowing it to perform more efficiently.
  4. Repair or Replacement Costs: When a generator is not properly maintained, small concerns may be overlooked. Those smaller problems may become larger – and much more expensive ones. Maintenance helps you avoid having to make costly repairs or, in the worst case, replace your generator prematurely.
  5. Longer Generator Life: You know that maintaining your vehicle and your home’s HVAC system helps them not only perform more effectively and efficiently but also enjoy a longer life. The same goes for your home generator. Maintenance keeps your generator clean, keeps all the necessary oils and fluids at proper levels, and ensures all the moving parts in your generator are working properly, helping it last longer.

As you can see, generator maintenance is beneficial on many levels. A qualified technician, like those at Burkhardt, can help you get the generator maintenance you need so it’s ready for you in an emergency.

When you need generator maintenance, count on Burkhardt.

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