Why Should I Get Heating Maintenance This Winter?

Technician maintains a heating systemIn Louisiana, we experience primarily warm weather all year long, which can make it easy to forget about the heating systems in our homes. Even though for a good part of the year we don’t need to worry about heating our homes, there are occasional weather events that cause the temperatures to decrease, and we find ourselves needing to turn on our heaters to stay comfortable. Because your heating equipment doesn’t get a lot of use, you might wonder if it needs a heating safety inspection.

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You might be surprised to learn that yes, keeping your heating system maintained is as important as keeping your air conditioning system maintained. Consider your HVAC equipment the same way you do your vehicle. You wouldn’t expect it to last too long if you never changed the oil or got new tires for it. The same goes for your heating equipment. And, because your heating system often goes unused for prolonged periods of time, having it checked out on a regular basis can be vital. Keep reading to learn more about why getting your system the preventive care it needs is important.

5 Reasons Why Heating Maintenance is Important

  1. It helps your heating system maintain its efficiency. When heating systems sit unused for long periods of time, dirt, dust, and other particles can build up in your system. That makes it have to use more energy to operate, and that can mean higher energy bills. Even if you have an all-in-one system, like a heat pump or ductless, you should still get it checked out twice a year to make sure it’s performing at peak efficiency.
  2. Maintenance helps your system work more effectively. As we mentioned above, when systems go unused they can become dirty. This makes them have to work harder to keep your home warm. By choosing annual maintenance for your heating system, you can rest assured that system components like sensors are working properly and that it will be ready to keep your home warm if you need to turn it on.
  3. Preventive maintenance helps your heater live longer. Over time, components in your heating system can start to corrode due to the wet, humid Louisiana weather. By getting an annual system checkup, your technician can identify any small problems within your system that might cause larger (and more expensive) issues down the road.
  4. Getting annual maintenance helps to keep your warranty intact. Most manufacturers require that homeowners get regular maintenance on heating equipment in order to keep the warranty in place. Failure to do so may cause your warranty to become void – and that can mean costly out-of-pocket expenses for you should your system require repair or replacement.
  5. A well-maintained system can mean better indoor air quality. Again, heating systems that sit unused get dirty. And, if you haven’t had your system properly serviced, that dirt and dust end up circulating throughout the air in your home, causing poor air quality. A heating safety inspection helps keep the equipment clean and unobstructed – keeping your system – and the air in your home – cleaner.

Can Burkhardt help me get the heating safety inspection I need?

We definitely can! At Burkhardt, our top priority is helping you save money and improve your comfort. When you need heating maintenance for your home, trust us for professional results. Call Burkhardt Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Generators today for friendly, professional assistance with your heating maintenance needs. Contact us at 985.626.7741.