Can Updating My Thermostat Help with Energy Efficiency?

woman adjusts thermostatsYour home’s cooling and heating system is vital when it comes to keeping your home comfortable for you and your family. However, you may not be aware of the fact that much of the energy consumed in your household can be attributed to your HVAC system. Even though modern home comfort equipment uses much less energy than its predecessors, it still can add up – and that means higher utility bills.

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Fortunately, reducing the amount of energy consumed by your HVAC equipment can be as easy as installing a new thermostat. When you choose a programmable or smart thermostat for your home, you can enjoy better comfort and improved energy efficiency.

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Many people don’t give a lot of thought to the thermostat in their home, and how it works to keep them comfortable. They simply turn it down when they’re too warm, and up when they need to take the chill off in their home. Your thermostat, however, functions almost like the “brain” of your HVAC system, signaling to your equipment when the indoor temperature deviates.

  • Traditional thermostats typically allow a homeowner to set one specific temperature. While this might seem ideal, it can mean you’re wasting energy cooling or heating your home during times when you and your family are away or asleep, especially if you have an older traditional model installed in your home. If your home gets too hot, for instance, the temptation is often to turn your thermostat way down. This can use a lot of energy and can end up costing you money when it comes time for utility bills.
  • Programmable thermostats can help solve that problem by allowing you to set different temperatures for different times during the day. The simplest programmable thermostats usually have three settings for home, away, and sleep. But how does this help save energy? According to the Department of Energy, setting your thermostat back or forward by 7-10ºF for eight hours a day can help you save as much as 10 percent a year on cooling and heating costs. So, in the cooler weather, setting the thermostat from 72ºF to 65ºF, and in the warmer weather setting it from 68ºF to 75ºF while you’re away from home can help you save energy – and money on your utility bills. The best part? With a programmable thermostat, you simply set it and forget it, and it does the work for you.
  • Smart thermostats are becoming more and more popular as many people now use home automation systems like Alexa or Google Assistant. Most smart thermostats are made to work with home automation systems and are connected to your home’s WiFi system. They’re accessible via smartphone, tablet, or computer, and some models can even “learn” your family’s habits, helping to improve energy efficiency. Not to mention, smart thermostats can actually help your home comfort system operate more effectively, too, as they often have the capability of notifying you when system maintenance is needed.

When you need a new thermostat, Burkhardt can help you.

At Burkhardt, we always want to help our customers enjoy both the best possible home comfort and energy efficiency. That’s why we offer high-quality thermostats from trusted brands. When you need a new thermostat installed in your home, trust us for professional results. Call Burkhardt Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration & Generators today for friendly, professional assistance with your thermostat needs. Please contact us at 985.626.7741.