Why Are Whole House Generators a Good Idea?

Many of you remember the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Nearly a decade later, we’re still feeling the tragic effects that it brought to us here in the New Orleans, LA area. Nobody wants to relive a massively destructive storm like that ever again, but the truth is, we live in an area where the weather…

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Heading into Hurricane Season – Is Your Home Prepared?

In our area, we unfortunately know all too well the devastating effects that hurricanes can leave in their wake. Often, severe storms and hurricanes cause power outages that can last for hours, and sometimes days. We know that being without power is more than a mere inconvenience – it can pose health and safety risks…

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Reasons to Have a Whole-House Backup Generator Installed

Genarac generator installed outside of a home

Residents of the Northshore and Southshore know better than anyone else how vital it is to have a backup power source during power outages. Living in our region means that we must prepare for the weather to change at a moment’s notice, especially during hurricane season. A standby generator from Burkhardt Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration…

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