air conditioning systems outside a residential home

Federal Laws are Changing – Consider Installing New AC Now.

By Burkhardt / November 8, 2022 /

You may not be aware of it, but federal laws surrounding air conditioning systems are changing in 2023. Throughout the Southern United States, homeowners will be required to install air conditioning systems with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of no less than 15 SEER. While this law has been put into place as…

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woman suffering from seasonal allergies sneezing into elbow

Seasonal Allergies? Help Improve the Air in Your Home Today!

By Burkhardt / October 5, 2022 /

Many people look forward to the arrival of autumn in Louisiana. The somewhat cooler weather offers a welcome relief from the heat and humidity of summer. While the fall season can be a beautiful time of the year, it’s also when plants like ragweed, sheep sorrel, pigweed, trees, and grasses produce an abundance of pollen.…

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table with laptop and other electronics decorated with gourds

Make Your Home More Efficient This Fall with These Energy-Saving Tips

By Burkhardt / September 14, 2022 /

Once the summer ends and the autumn season arrives, people start to get back into their usual routines. The kids are back in school, and summer vacations have become a happy memory. This is a great time of year to take a look at ways you can improve your home. From outdoor cleanup to making…

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water condensation on a window

My Home is Too Humid. What Can I Do?

By Burkhardt / August 16, 2022 /

Summertime in Louisiana can be very humid. Our climate is subtropical, which means that the weather all year long is more humid than in other parts of the country. And during the summer months, the higher temperatures contribute to very damp, muggy conditions. While most home air conditioning systems can help eliminate some of the…

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Amana dealer at kitchen counter with homeowner discussing home comfort solutions

All About Air Conditioning: Find Out the Best Type for Your Home

By Burkhardt / July 19, 2022 /

Living in Louisiana means that you and your family will need air conditioning in order to stay comfortable for much of the year. The right AC system is highly dependent on the type of home you live in and the current type of air conditioning and heating system you already have installed. When considering a…

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Hard Hat and heating and cooling Equipment

Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important. Here’s Why.

By Burkhardt / June 9, 2022 /

People living in Louisiana know that their air conditioners work hard to keep them cool for much of the year. Because of this, it’s important that they treat their AC systems as an integral part of their home comfort system. One of the best ways you as a homeowner can ensure that your air conditioning…

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A happy couple laughing and drinking coffee on a bright yellow couch in a white room with a ductless AC unit on the wall.

Why Is Ductless Cooling a Good Choice for My Home?

By Burkhardt / March 17, 2021 /

Why Is Ductless Cooling a Good Choice for My Home? In today’s world, people have more and more choices when it comes to how they can cool or heat their home. From traditional equipment, like central air conditioning and furnaces, to newer innovations like heat pump systems, today’s homeowners have more options than ever when…

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HVAC technician calibrating a furnace.

Heating Maintenance: Why Do I Need It for My Home?

By Burkhardt / January 26, 2021 /

While we enjoy warm weather for much of the year in Louisiana, there are times during the winter months when we rely on our home heating to keep us comfortable. Effective, efficient home heating is important, but keeping your system in good shape can sometimes be easily forgotten. However, there are many reasons why you…

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New home construction model

New Construction HVAC Systems: Quality Choices For Your Home

By Burkhardt / May 24, 2019 /

Becoming a homeowner is always an exciting experience. Still, with so many details to button up and decisions to be made, it can feel overwhelming at times. Especially during the house hunting stage when trying to decide between an older home or new construction. While older homes can offer a nostalgic charm, there are serious…

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Person looking at vent giving off poor air temperature

Playing a Game of Hot-Cold-Hot in Your Home? Here’s How to Fix It

By Burkhardt / May 24, 2019 /

We’ve all been there — you can’t get the temperature right in your home. It’s too warm for a sweater in one room, but then you need your fuzzy socks in another. For a consultation, call or click here: 985.626.7741 Contact Us Unless you’re enjoying the comforts of a brand new home, chances are you…

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